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Chess School

Chess School is a chain of chess academy located in different cities & towns at West Bengal,Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Jammu Kashmir. we genuinely want to improve the chess game & its awareness in India.Coaching is provided to young students. There are several chess coaches attached with CHESS SCHOOL, looking after the development of the games of chess of the students. Both theoretical and practical classes are taken by the coaches. Besides, several practical tournaments are organized by the CHESS SCHOOL for the students so that they do not face many problems in taking part in Chess Tournaments. Importance is given to gain international ratings by the students of the club. Classes are usually taken in the evening from Monday to Saturday and in the morning on Sunday. Coaches fix the class of any particular student as per students' understanding the game of chess. English,Hindi and Bengali medium of instructions are arranged as per need. Chess develops mental analysis power.

However, anyone above 4.5 years of age, is willing to make a further development with the help of any good coach or chess-masters, may also approach the chess school.

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